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What is transport terms and conditions of chunil’s parcel service?
We confront to parcel service standard terms and conditions of Fair Trade Commission. Please see “transport terms and conditions” for the details.
What kinds of items are not allowed for your parcel service?

The prohibited items are listed below.

- marketable jewelry, jewel, painting, antique
- gunpowder, guns, hazard materials
- living things that are subject to spoil such as animals or dead bodies
- Restricted documentations items by Postal service act
- computers and delicated electronics
- other items which are easy to damage
What is the difference between parcel service item and regular cargo?

Parcel service delivers the item all the way to the place the customer designated, you need to come to our business site to pick up the regular cargo.

If you want your cargo delivered, you can ask us and pay for the delivery charge.

Why do I have to pay extra for the shipment to island area?
There is extra pilotage to the island.
When is the expected shipment date?

Next delivery is our policy.

However, 2-3 extra days take for island, remoted area, Chinese new year’s day, and Korean thanks giving.

What do I have to do when I see “there is no such number” for shipment tracking?
You can track your package after the item is received by our center, which is the late afternoon of the day you sent the item.

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